Transformation & Re-Invention

Whitewater partners with our clients to achieve dynamic, sustainable and profitable transformation through:

Organisational Restructuring: de-layering, managing rapid global expansion, bringing processes in line with organisation purpose and vision - creating clarity in roles and responsibilities

New Business & Operating Models: facilitating Board and executives to explore new business models and engage external parties to pressure test these directions.  This approach addresses the need to reinvent existing ways of working

Disruptive Futures: develop internal processes to manage the unpredictable future through the development of portfolios of strategic options

Cultural & Behavioural Transformation: assessment of current cultural and behavioural barriers, design and implementation of monumental and self-sustaining renewal programs from Board to frontline, especially for large, complex organisations

Strategic Workforce Planning: redesigning organisations (multi-country/multi-departmental) with large workforces to be "fit for purpose" in the future - Agile, world class efficiency with the required skills and talent pipeline

Governance: identification of at risk areas, organisational restructure, authority matrices, governance improvement, transparency and removal of corruption

Project Implementation

Whitewater assists clients to design and implement harmonious transformation through:

Operational Improvement: organisational transformation and re-invention of business models  - using strategic workforce planning, MasterPlan ActionPlans and harmonious rightsizing to achieve hitherto impossible step-change improvements in workforce efficiencies

Leadership Mentoring: guiding the Board and C-suite to fundamentally alter business models, cultures and behaviours of organisations, this involves advocating and driving ownership of change at every level. Particular areas addressed include (but not limited to) cross-cultural misalignment and moving from hierarchies to collaborative work environments.

Technological Redefinition: design and oversight of the vital changes required to achieve the rapid acceptance and realisation of synergies from disruptive technologies and sciences.

Digital Disruption & Innovation: partnering with established organisations to usher in a new era, to adapt and re-invent themselves to fully benefit from new digital paradigm shifts (AI, IoT, Blockchain, Industry 4.0 etc.)

Aggressive Growth

Whitewater assists clients to achieve exceptional growth through:

Inorganic Expansion: M&A support - leadership due diligence, post acquisition support and revitalisation, organisational transformation.  Assisting emerging business models to  Scale-in and Scale-out of legacy organisations

Organic Expansion: rapid expansion of management, workforce and processes associated with managing exponential growth.  Global expansion, market entry and extension into adjacent markets 

Organisational Guidance & Mentoring:  supporting and mentoring CEOs and Executive Management Boards to improve top and bottom-line performance by changing themselves

Salesforce and Supply Chain Optimisation: step-change improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain, sales, marketing and customer relationship management.
Organisational Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Whitewater provides bespoke support for Board and C-suite Executives. We bring extensive senior executive experience to the coaching relationship.

Team Coaching: Carried out across multiple communication platforms. Supporting the executive as a team to navigate in a constantly changing environment, remaining ahead of the wave and ensuring ongoing growth.

Interventionist: We offer short-term, highly interventionist coaching in managing complex organisational environments. We identify the issues and work to support the executives to successfully resolve them.

Organisational Guidance & Mentoring:  supporting and mentoring CEOs and Executive Management Boards to improve top and bottom-line performance by changing themselves

Real-Time: Effective management of the coaching partnership in real-time situations. This is a problem-solving journey to bring value to the organisation and the individual.

Service Satisfaction - The Whitewater Commitment

Whitewater prides itself on a high degree of repeat business with more than 90% of our clients seeking us out as the partner of choice for new projects. Clear evidence of dedication to world class client service and experience

Resolving Challenges: overcoming seemingly intractable challenges to transformation and the project

Program Delivery: on-budget, on-time project performance

Empowering Management: not bringing teams to manage the transformation, rather, Whitewater works with existing management and staff

No Surprises: fixed fee structure coupled with a detailed project plan, clearly defined deliverables throughout

Ownership: buy-in from all stakeholders