Our Clients

Our clients are generally large, high profile, blue chip MNC’s with complex organisational structures

We are a partner – never a servant

We develop collaborative relationships and workclosely with our clients and function in a position of project responsibility. Initially we scope the challenges and engineer customised solutions. Whitewater then oversees the implementation, addressing and resolving all relevant internal and external challenges.

Whitewater works by co-developing a MasterPlan which holds strategic and operational workstream leaders accountable on a week-by-week ActionPlan linked to key deliverables/milestones. This helps to create an atmosphere of acceptance and buy-in at all levels, from CEO to the frontline employees.

In Summary:

Whitewater does not tender for work, we prefer to build our relationship with our client, gain an in depth understanding of their needs and then present an Agreement which contains the details of the pre-agreed scope of work

Develop in-house capabilities by identifying and up-skilling our clients' high potential transformational leaders of the future

The Client must agree to our Conditions of Success - these are the conditions clearly identified by Whitewater and the Client that must be agreed to and implemented by the Client in order for the project to be successful

We guide our clients during the project - it is always their choice to undertake the actions required
It is perfectly normal to encounter barriers to progress during the course of a project - it is our job to guide our clients to breakthrough these

We deliver our projects with world class customer service and experience but have the skills and background to ensure the work gets done

Our highly competent and experienced Project Leaders always remain calm, centered and focused. The required qualities for excellent delivery

When faced with an issue, we think ‘smarter and better’, not faster

We work quickly and effectively. We charge by assignment, not by the hour
Our internal systems and processes are transparent and modular so that we can build a bespoke solution for each new project


Whitewater and its Expert Advisors have managed transformational engagements with


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