Whitewater Transformations

Whitewater Transformations (merged with Salzer Consulting) is the transformational partner of choice for high-profile organisations facing a technologically disruptive world. Whitewater Transformations provides strategic advice, design and implementation of tailor-made solutions. We are a global leader in organisational transformation.

Whitewater is a group of highly experienced global executives with real-world track records in driving organisations through this journey with a success rate of over 90%.

Whitewater Transformations provides expertise and processes for the C-suite to predictably plan and reliably implement a multi-year organisational reinvention a 2- to 5-year transformative journey.​​​

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Managing Technology

A Whitewater Transformation is a complex multi-year journey undertaken by the whole organisation.  This journey involves the reinvention of existing business and operating models; embedding emerging technological and scientific advances; responding to changing customer requirements, a paradigm shift in organisation performance.




Driving transformation & reinvention, complex project implementation, delivering aggressive growth, organisational coaching and mentoring

Helping our clients to manage technology



Our clients are large organisations with complex structures. Whitewater Transformations acts as a partner of choice

We are a great partner – never a servant



6 times winner of the prestigious ATTA Transformation/Turnaround of the Year Award

Proven expertise and processes